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Authentic ORENBURG SHAWL Elite Scarf

The shawls are made from a blend of silk and indigenous goat fiber, similar to cashmere or mohair. The goat's down of Orenburg goats is the thinnest in the world – 16-18 micrometers, and that of Angora goats (mohair) is 22-24 micrometers. Products made of Orenburg goat's down are therefore especially soft and fine. The thinness of hair is partly due to the severe snowy winters of the Ural mountain steppes, along with particular qualities of feed and living conditions. The Orenburg goat breed can only be reared in the Orenburg Region. Despite being so fine, the fiber is very durable, more so than wool. The efforts of the French in the 19th century to import Orenburg goats were unsuccessful, as the warm climate of France was not suitable for the development of the fine goat's down. Accordingly, Orenburg goats in France degenerated into ordinary goats with rough thick down hair. In the 18th – 19th centuries France imported tens of thousands of poods (an old Russian measure of weight equal to about 36 pounds) of Orenburg goat down, which was valued higher than cashmere. The Orenburg shawl became popular in Europe after an enterprise “Imitation a la Orenburg” organized by an English firm “Lipner”.


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